Thursday, December 28, 2006

Birth of a weblog...

Except for the fact that Ackerman seems a touch insane, I don't see why he and Yglesias don't launch a blog/online magazine together. They wouldn't really have to do anything differently other than post at the same site and call it a magazine. One of the problems with generating income from a blog is that people read lots of blogs, but can't donate to all of them--launching as your one online source for punchy liberal analysis and evisceration would (I think) make it the one site that regular readers of Drum/Yglesias/Marshall would be most likely to contribute to. That, plus ad revenue (which will get a bump from their "launch" as a "magazine" as well as from Yglesias's forthcoming book) should be enough to keep them in the flophouse, if not in the heart of Dupont. Posted by Ogged on 12.27.06 ---- I authorize them to use the name "Egregious Moderation" for their webzine, since I have no use for it. Posted by: John Emerson | Link to this comment | 12-27-06 8:18 PM

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