Saturday, February 3, 2007

Jonathan Zasloff: Easiest Post Ever

Over at MyDD, diarist Progressive Boy asks, "After 6 Years Can Democrats Finally Forgive Ralph Nader?".


That is all.


jm said...

Why Oh Why Can't We have Better Public Intellectuals?

Yep. It's all Ralph Nader's fault.

Al Gore didn't run one of the lamest campaigns in modern American political history.

George Bush pushed his war agenda through with zero Democratic support.

If this is representative of the quality of posts at this site, I don't expect it to last another ten weeks.

Anonymous said...

Mostly ditto what jm wrote, but I must also ask, is it Nader's fault our electoral process is so vulnerable to corruption? Wouldn't blaming Nader (or Gore's campaign) be a great way to divert ourselves from working for elections and voting that are more democratic? People are working locally and nationally for this, and they need our help or, at the very least, our attention.