Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ogged: AIPAC Is Not "Pro-Israel"; It Is Pro-Blowing Things Up

For What

Posted by Ogged on 02.04.07

This is an obvious point that's been made by (via) lots of people, but I'm going to make it again. It concedes far too much to call AIPAC "pro-Israel." What it is "pro-" is the maximum politically feasible use of American-Israeli military force. If you look at its "issues" and "about" pages, you'll see that it's devoted almost exclusively to touting military threats to Israel, and ensuring that Israel itself remains strong militarily. And it's simply part of the logic of lobbying groups that they will always ask for more: no matter how much opinion shifts toward militarism, AIPAC will argue that more militarism is required. And its greatest success has been in portraying its necessarily marginal views as those of an entire nation; a success which allows it to leverage the moral weight of the safety of Jewish people to advance an agenda which conflates safety with the ability to blow things up.


Anonymous said...

Well, of course. Their main export to the world is military equiptment and their military companies are now intertwined with ours because of our sell out politicians.

Would you expect them to promote Peace? That would crumble their economy.

Someone should do a documentary about Israel and their control over our politicians. It would put an end to a bulk of the stupidity occuring in the world.

stopAIPAC said...

Yes, we must confront the extremism of AIPAC and its militaristic agenda. We must call for human rights for all, not policies of oppression and dispossession. This is a real "pro-humanity" agenda.

Besides the website, i would like to call attention to the recent writing of Glenn Greenwald, author of "How would a Patriot Act", and his recent post regarding aipac and the push toward war with Iran, I think he really nails it.
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