Thursday, April 19, 2007

Journamalism Watch: Colbert King Sucks Up to Fred Hiatt

Colbert King's farewell memo:

Washington City Paper: The District Line: Colby King's Farewell Memo: A Post editorial stands for something, even when the desired action does not occur. A Post editorial is an expression of the considered opinion and collective wisdom and values of the best minds in the business. It is not the special province of any writer, no matter how prolific or dogmatic he/she may be in his/her views. Allow a Post editorial become the vehicle for the expression of one person's point of view--or a minority of the board's point of view--and the editorial loses its value, even though it might be selected to lead the page. I offer this thought because Fred has assembled a first rate staff--good minds that produce great work when they all contribute to an editorial, even though there may be one writer. Editorials simply must not be used to advance one individual's causes or views. That's what columns are for

So why doesn't he dare say the truth: the work Fred Hiatt's "first rate staff" has produced on Iraq in particular and on the Bush administration more generally has been a disgrace and an embarrassment, harmful to the profession of journalism and to the country.

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