Sunday, April 15, 2007

Robert Waldmann Names the Four Horsemen of the Stupidoclypse

He writes:

Robert's Stochastic thoughts: Recognise the Four Horsement of the Stupidoclypse by one certain sign which they use as to signal membership, like Lassallians saying "the iron law of wages": They claim that the 2006 Democratic Senatorial victory was narrow even though only 9 Republicans were elected to the Seanate in the whole country.

Mickey Kaus


Charles Krauthammer

"The Democrats say they are carrying out their electoral mandate from the November election. But winning a single-vote Senate majority as a result of razor-thin victories in Montana and Virginia is hardly a landslide."

are horsement of the Stupidoclypse.

I think that Fred Barnes and Morton Kondrake are the other two, but as far as google tells me, they haven't confirmed it yet.

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